Thanks for January

perjantaina, helmikuuta 01, 2008

I’ve spent the last two weeks writing about my opinions and beliefs about somewhat negative topics: recessions, crying wolf and ill-advised refactoring. My plan for the February is to write more about Ext and a couple of web application design issues.
Ext became my favorite Javascript library pretty quickly because it let me design an entire UI that really worked well with a tiny amount of effort. Turns out that I get several hits day from people looking for help using buttons and I’ve spent the last month putting together around 12, or more, different examples of various Ext buttons, their configurations and event management. I was pretty surprised about how much there was to write about.
I am also working on a grid control tutorial and that’s been a blast. Its far from complete and will be ready towards the end of February.
I can’t resist writing about some other team, design and management issues either. I have a few half written entries that will appear throughout the month.
Thanks for reading!

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